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“Clubs will stay closed this year” – said the government of the autonomous community in its official reports.

Most European Union countries’ citizens were allowed to enter Spain and spend their holidays there, nevertheless, the government of the Balearic islands reported that clubs would stay closed during this year due to Coronavirus outbreak in Spain. This situation will remain unchanged until a successful vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 is available, but not earlier than 2021 club season.

The national government of Spain allowed to open clubs in the country during the “third phase” of opening after notorious lockdown, but the biggest clubs on the Ibiza island remained closed. In spite of government’s permission, Francina Armengo, who is the President of Balearic Islands, banned club opening this summer to decrease chance of new coronavirus outbrake on the island.

If the clubs had opened, the measures taken for preventing virus spreading would have reduced the clubs’ capacity in three times since social distancing demands limiting visitors and mask-wearing. Supervising night clubs and all possible music events on the Island on fact of using Personal Protective Equipment is impossible task for the Balearic government. This results in government’s prohibition of clubs reopening on Ibiza.

As for Spain, tourism in Ibiza is one of the most essential sources of income. This industry provides more than 12% of the country’s GDP with flow of  tourists about 80 million each year.

The Night League, which controls Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa, officially declared that they would not welcome tourists this year.