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The charity organization called Help Musicians UK conducted research to find out how Coronavirus affected economical status of musicians. According to their data, 55% of artist in the UK do not earn money during the pandemic of Covid-19. 

This research, in which 1 300 professional artists participated, showed that 96% do not have major income because of the Lockdown and venue closure.

Music industry in the whole world is facing dramatic changes. It is hard to stay in business, 76% of musicians are not sure if their music can survive in long term perspective and keep the lights. There is not much hope for the bright future. Therefore, it is not surprising that only 19% believe they will return earning money by Spring 2021.

UK’s government introduces changes to the furlough scheme on November 1. Updated aid program will offer even lesser support to self-employed workers, who received last payment from the scheme in August. Now they can claim for only 20% of their normal monthly salary before the epidemic.

James Ainsclough, who is Help Musicians UK Chief Executive, says that the organization helps musicians since the beginning of Lockdown and it will help until Spring. He also expresses his gratefulness to Arts Council which donated £1 million to support artists in harsh times of deprivation.

Now, when the aid from government decreased, Help Musicians UK, which granted in overall £11million, asks for financial help and donation to support musician, since many of them will not manage to overcome the crisis and stay in industry.