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Banksy’s prints were noticed in London again. Now, the artist is trying to popularize mask wearing to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Banksy shared a video on his Instagram where capital’s underground undergoes deep clean, after which he comes inside the tube train and paints graffiti, pretending to be a worker-disinfector.

The wall-paintings show one rat sneezing blue droplets infected with virus through a carriage window, another gnawer got entangled in a mask and the other uses it as a parachute. Banksy commented the footage: “If you don't mask, you won't get it”. Chumbawumba's "Honesty" was an end soundtrack of the publication, playing while one of the murals on the walls of the station read "I'm locked, but I'm getting up again."

Government body operating London Tube, which is called Transport For London, claimed that they have wiped off the piece of art because of strict rules against all graffities, nevertheless, they appreciate these paintings and sympathize them for fair.

The operative organ added to its massage that they can provide Banksy with more suitable place to leave a copy of the grafitti and for their clients see it.

Banksy started an online shop last year. He gives fans the opportunity to purchase some of his rare and unique pieces. A record cover he made for Norwegian Band Röyksopp was sold for more than $10,000 in 2019.