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These figures represent approximately two thirds of all jobs in the industry. The Guardian has revealed a study showing that the Lockdown caused unprecedented loss in jobs which are connected to music sector, including concerts, performances and night clubs.

The study showed that out from 262 000 of people 170 000, that is 64% of the labor of industry, will lose their positions by the end of the 2020. Moreover, 144 000 members of industry are freelancers or self-employed workers, and they will not avoid this fate either.

Since UK government initiated furlough scheme aimed to help musicians most regular employers will remain on their positions, nevertheless, 50 000 still will lose their jobs after it ends accordingly to the research carried out by an umbrella group “Live”.

The furlough scheme introduced by the UK’s chancellor Rishi Sunak will raise the salary of employees who work more than a third of their normal hours. Such decision was harshly criticized as it is not solving any problems of the industry but pretending to be. Mark Davyd, Venue Trust CEO, says that it does not aim to solve any specific issues.

The the furlough scheme has protected 303,000 jobs, which cost £1.47 billion. The self-employed support scheme was taken up by 64% of eligible arts and entertainment workers, with grants on total sum of £153 million.

The UK’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) lasting to April 2021 will cut down grants for self-employed people in the industry who lay down the majority. To receive the support self-employed workers need to apply in period of November – January for the first and in February – April for the second taxable grant. The first grant will cover 20% of self-employed workers’ average salary, but not more than £1850. 

Similar situation takes place all over the world with music industry which has appeared to be one of the most vulnerable sectors of economy. Governments try to stop epidemic of Covid-19 introducing restrictions while trying to save jobs which is not always can be achieved.