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Ravers from Poland planted around 500 trees while festival.

Recently, news about a Polish festival INSTYTUT were brought up in media, it was held in a fortress which dates back to 19th century. Now, the club celebrates its 20th anniversary by conducting a concert on which hundreds of trees were planted.

The event called “Techno Forest” took place for the third time. The entrance price is one tree seedling. Before listening to the energizing Dj sets, visitors of the festival planted the trees and attended master classes on subject of environment and ecology. Last years with common efforts 400 and 700 trees were planted in the first and second year respectively.

Poland has rapidly gained momentum in terms of dance festivals and rave culture. This country annually hosts plenty concerts for foreign and local music lovers. Even now, in time of pandemic this country conducts events on fresh air encouraging saving our planet from deforestation.

The video describing the “Techno Forest” project can be found on the official Facebook page.