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Loss of business during pandemic may cause closing of the majority of independent music venues in the USA.

Loss of business during pandemic may cause closing of up to 90 % of independent music venues in the USA, as announced in the report released in June. The National Independent Venue Association characterized the urgency of this case in the application to both the house and senate. They called for direct measures in order to avoid severe consequences.

Recently, a new piece of legislation called the “Save Our Stages Act” was introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota and John Cornyn from Texas.

The Act will provide half year of funding “to keep venues afloat, pay workers, and preserve a crucial economic sector for communities across America”, as stated in press release. This piece of legislation regulates activities of promoters, operators and other gifted representatives of entrepreneurship, especially small business.

Specific grant amounts will vary in price, accounting for either 45% of the prior year's operating costs for the business, or $ 12 million in total, whichever is the smallest amount. Venues that are given the money can then use the funds to cover “costs incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic” as well as rent, utilities, administrative costs, mortgages, personal protective equipment,  taxes, local expenses, and federal guidelines for social distancing ”.

Thereby, music industry is supposed to restart varying in price from the following year to 2022. Small business needs support as never before until it is not late.

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