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Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

Dear friends!
The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! We've launched first honest FEMALE DJs TOP.

FEMALETOPDJ is a new platform for all female DJs from around the world, which allows you not only to tell about yourself and your music but also to compete for the title of the BEST FEMALE DJ of 2020.

On our platform you can:

  • Create your own profile to tell about yourself and your art;
  • Share your music and videos;
  • Read the latest news from the world of DJing and music;
  • MAIN THING: you can take part and compete for a place in the TOP of FEMALE DJs.


Conditions for participation in the TOP:
Here are 3 simple rules :)

  • You must be a girl.
  • You must be a DJ.
  • You need to register on our website, go through the moderation process and confirm your account in order to participate in the TOP.

That’s all.
Participating in the TOP is completely FREE!

How it works:

  • You register on our website. (the more information you tell about yourself in your profile, the better your fans will know you)
  • You go through the moderation process and confirm your account by e-mail.
  • Your profile becomes public and it is immediately ready for participation.
  • Your friends/acquaintances/fans vote for you. We count every vote from a unique VISITOR. ATTENTION! The website has anti-cheat protection.
  • Voting will last for a YEAR! And it will come to an end in August 2021. Especially before the start of a new club season so that the best of you are able to add another title to your CV in 2021.
  • TOPs are formed by country, music style, and the best of the best get to the MAIN top among all the participants.

ATTENTION! One more time!
We take our voting HONESTY and SAFETY very seriously. We have developed a powerful protection system against cheating by bots or people. Thus, any cheating will be tracked, accounts violating the rules will be removed from the TOP.

How do I get votes?
Our platform is made for everyone. Whether you are a famous DJane girl touring all over the world, or an aspiring DJane. Any registered user on the platform can vote for any participant.

  • Engage your friends and fans in vote. Post on your social media about your FEMLETOPDJ participation with a call to register and vote for you. (Registration process for VISITORS takes max. 10 seconds)
  • Use branded photos to motivate people to register like a visitors and vote for you. To do that, just DM us on Instagram @female_top_dj a photo you would like to receive with branding. Also, you can DOWNLOAD the special *.psd file to create your own photos. Just CLICK here!
    We will upload all pics to our official account @female_top_dj
  • Tag our account @female_top_dj on social networks and use the oficcial hashtag #femaletopdj2020
  • Use PROMO BANNERS on our website to get even more votes so that any  visitors and user can see you on the main site page. More views = more votes.
  • Record special PROMO mixes and videos and publish them on our website. After all, not only your friends can vote for you, but also other users who like your music.


Voting restrictions:

  • Each registered USER can vote only once a month!
  • All DJANES must follow the voting rules and not cheat.
  • You can only participate in the TOP in one country. Holders of DIAMOND status can choose 2 countries to participate in.

Here's all the important information. Our congrats on the start of your work. We wish you all success.

With love and music, team of FEMALE TOP DJ.