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Are you going on a trip but it may be harmful for your music production career? You’ll learn from this article how to combine being a digital nomad and a music maker.

Some people find it difficult to put equal assets in different enterprises. You may face this problem if you are fond of wondering and involved in music industry. At this point you begin to think whether you can dedicate enough energy to both of these activities.

Precisely! It is possible to be both a digital expat and a music maker.  If you want to experience it, you should include such things:

          • A portable recording studio
• Budget
• Project of earnings
• Schedule

Hereafter, you’ll see some tips how to be a music maker and wandering professional at the same time and how to combine these two lifestyles.


Take a Portable Recording Studio

Location-independent music maker usually doesn’t have access to the studio and its equipment. Hence, compact tools will help you on the road. You will need:

  • Monitor Headset
  • Portable Audio Interface
  • Portable Audio Recorder
  • A portable MIDI-Controller
  • PC with Intel Core i9 Processor
  • SSD or HDD for data storage

You can edit this list according to your mean of transportation or other circumstances as a traveler should be minimalistic. It’s better to take into account that some airlines take charge for additional luggage. If you don’t want to spend extra money, you should decide what equipment to have on you in advance.

One of the most important things for digital expats is to choose a portable recorder or an audio interface. Audio interface makes the quality of sound better. This device helps to navigate microphones, headphones and speakers.

As for portable recorder, it is, undoubtedly, an indispensable piece of equipment for recording sessions, saving them and replaying, especially if you work with professional musicians and other colleagues.

The MIDI controller is another great help for sound producer on the road. Of course, you can delete it from the list, but this device is a must-have for MIDI-enabled devices, as it generates audio signals and helps to navigate parameters of electronic music. Another life hack is to avoid MIDI controller with pads and to choose keys. They are more convenient, although not so fun.

You also need headphones, laptop, SSD or HDD for practical issues. If you are a music maker, it is better to listen to the records with a handset. You need a laptop with software and other pieces of equipment for sound production, especially, an Intel Core i9 processor. After all not every laptop have the capacity to store all your records, so SSD or HDD is obligatory.


Think about Budget

It would be advisable to think about money issues in advance and have the appropriate budget for traveling. Budgeting includes also control of expenses. First of all, you should spend money for the most essential things, otherwise, you might not have enough budget for them. Of course, it depends on the sum you can spend on travelling.

Budgeting is close to prediction, as you are constantly planning your earnings and spending. It can be not so easy to find this balance. You should create a budget plan for at least half a year, particularly if you are going to travel for a long period of time. Even the first month will show you your financial capabilities and you will be able to make more accurate predictions on this basis.


Create your project of earnings

Note that it may be difficult to work full-time during travels, so you need to find money-making sources at each place of living or to work as online-freelancer. We prepared some ideas of income for remote sound producers:

  • Create music for videogames: You can find some freelance opportunities of producing sound effects, voiceovers, sound design, or music for videogames. Of course, you need a good laptop for this type of music production. An Intel Core i9 Processor laptop or a Chromebook would be suitable.
  • Create online stock music libraries: You must have heard about stock photo resources such as Shutterstock? There are also similar platforms for music, for instance, Audio Jungle and 123RF. It may bring stable profit at least for some period.
  • Produce music for social media: Music for short videos is becoming more and more popular. Such platforms as TikTok and Triller may help you to generate income. Why don’t you upload your music and use all the benefits of active broadcasting? 
  • Don’t give up performing: If you feel comfortable giving public performances, you can hold concerts for a crowd. Among your possible places for performances may be bus stations, railways and universities. Anyway, it will bring you some income, even if not constant.


Create schedule

Digital nomads must know the price of time. The expression “time is money” will become a new motto for you. You should take into account that your timesheet won’t be constant and you may work extra hours in order to make progress.

Scheduling also covers how much time you are going to spend in a certain place and the budget you need for it. Making a proper travel plan in advance will help you to avoid inconvenience. The time management includes:

  • The places you are going to visit.
  • The time of your staying
  • Timing for sleep and rest minding possible failures in schedule


The Drawbacks of Being a Digital Nomad and a Music Producer at the same time?

Undoubtedly, every lifestyle has its positive and negative sides. Nevertheless, you can cope with it if you have right approach. Some of the drawbacks you may face:

  • Traveling alone: Initially, a roaming music producer may try solo traveling. It is not a drawback if you have a company ready to share your lifestyle. Otherwise, it may be challenging to adapt to solo traveling.
  • Leasehold problems: Not everybody can afford to stay in hotels or find a suitable accommodation for short-term rent. In this case you should work on your resource capacity.
  • Being an alien: Frequent changing of your location anticipates constant changing of surrounding people. Thereby, you should rely on yourself and stay calm, as you may not have any connections or friends in a certain place and no one will help you in case of troubles.

Eventually, being a digital nomad working as a music producer has its pros and cons. You can achieve this lifestyle if you have an elaborate plan, proper equipment and budget. Once everything is well-organized, being both a sound producer and a digital nomad can be a pleasure.