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The “Can Music Make You Sick” book was published on 29 September.

The book Can Music Make You Sick?: Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition explains why working in a music industry can be dangerous and harmful for your mental health basing on the data received from studies which examined musicians from Britain.

Sally Anne Gross from the University of Westminster and academician Dr George Musgrave, who are both connected to music industry, want to show in their research how can artists stay sane without regards to all possible stress and tension. In addition, this work has aim to encourage future studies on the subject of mental health and pressure which artists face at work. The study revealed that musicians have in several times more chances to have mental problems than most people whose work is not connected with performances.

Although the power of music can heal, professional musicians often get harm to their health. A job of an artist is based on a great aspiration and with time it becomes based on addiction, stress and audience dependence. Painful experience in the creative career, lonely popularity and everyday parties doing their job causing depression, addiction, neurosis, occupational burnout and other disorders.

This book will be helpful for those, who develops as an artist and build a career. It is hard to underestimate the importance of the advice about changing the existing music industry structure.

Last year a freelance journalist Sirin Kale interviewed Luciano and Courtesy and other artists as well as the managing director Simon Denby and Professor Ronald Purser. This talk presented real situation on the backstage and the effects of consumer-driven approaches to mindfulness.