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How did Lockdown affect club industry in Distant Dancefloors movie – Check out online

Distant Dancefloors movie was released by Pioneer DJ on August 5. This documentary comprehensively describes the effect coronavirus had on dance music and world clubbing through the lens of economy, psychology and sociology.

At once, songs stopped to play, clubs had to shut down, live concerts and festivals have been canceled.  And for thousands of people rainy days have begun. This is an opinion of Pioneer DJ, shared in a trailer. Distant Dancefloors narrates about the point when the infection started to spread; the early cases, general realization of the danger and the quarantine.

The movie features performers such as Eats Everything, Blond:ish, Honey Dijon, Rebuke and Luciano sharing their mind and experience they got over the past six months. The film also involved fans and industry members including Paul Reed, who is the CEO of the AIF, and Kevin Watson, the author of the Business Report at IMS.

The artists show their opposite positions speaking about the future of clubbing and electronic music. Some express hope and some hopelessness. A lot of problems were discussed; among them are music streams and broadcasting of concerts online as a new norm of performing, popularity of streaming after quarantine, positive side of coronavirus effects on the industry.

Probably, the biggest problems are club culture after quarantine in the era of social distance and the effect which the lockdown has on thousands of people whose earnings rely on the industry. Possible solutions of the problems you can find in the documentary.

Watch the the movie down below.