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Facebook made clear what will be new terms from 1 October.

It was reported that Facebook put in a quandary artists on its platforms with the new terms of service. They will take effect on 1 October. Now the major social media company made clear that new terms will remain the same after 1 October, and they will not change anything. Facebook also added that they reissued the guidelines for streaming Djs and other musicians which were released in May.

Facebook’s spokesperson said that although Facebook and rightsholders united people on the Internet with music they will make some limitations. Some of them are the recorded music amount which can be added in the media content, prohibition of unauthorized content etc. The full version of the new licensing agreement cannot be shared with publicity due to confidential rights but here are the general guidelines for videos, stories and other media content:

  • Videos where the only component is audio track are forbidden. Visualization must is the main purpose of the video.
  • Performances, live streaming of dj sets and music in stories are allowed.
  • Fragments of music clips are advisable.
  • If there are many complete music tracks in a video, probably the video can be limited.

Old rules were issued in 2018 and remained the same during the first wave of coronavirus pandemic. The gigs which were broadcasted full time because of Lockdown became more complex. These rules make such concerts difficult to conduct. Terms are the same for all accounts no matter verified or no. That means if you are an artist you can get a ban for streaming your own song or track. In addition, Facebook runs in around 100 countries, but not everywhere you can listen to music at all since it is not available.

The licensing agreement, no wonder, is uncertain and indistinct. All details are hidden behind “confidential information”. Facebook goes on claiming that the terms are not restricting recorded music usage on their social networks. The spokesperson added that they keep on working with musicians to help them express their music talent on their networks.

Meanwhile, a new streaming platform called Facebook Gaming appeared. Users can play licensed music tracks free of charge as it was announced. The reason why this way of broadcasting music is not prohibited is that the main topic of the content is a game and streamer’s voice.

Who knows if there will be easy and safe way for a Djs and other artists to broadcast their licensed music on Facebook products without takedowns. Mixcloud Live remains to be the best choice for streaming for musicians, since it provides royalty payments and releases from all copyright issues.