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Burning Man invited all fans to the Sustainability Solutions discussion.

"2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap" discussion  was held on July 17th. The organizers revealed Burning Man’s progress on this topic.

On May 2020, Burning Man festival due to its cancellation announced Kindling which is an online platform made to revive event’s culture during pandemic, though in digital form. Because we can’t get together in person, on Twitter organizers suggested Kindling as place where people get live experience created by Burning Man Project and its community.

Burning Man’s fans were invited to participate in "Ecosystem Activation: Year One Report - Sustainability Roadmap" live disscussion in July.

The platform represents people who stand behind the Project to let the community know about "2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap" realization. The plan is designed to solve the environmental sustainability problems.

The roadmap consists of three principles which were outlined by instigators during the disscussion. These aims for humanity are: “decreasing level of carbon emission”, “reducing waste ecologically” and “resource regeneration”.

The purpose of this plan is to unite all possible resources of the Burning Man community, including both financial and intellectual, to develop, spread and bring to life sustainability solutions in order to reduce pollution and carbon dioxide footprint by 2030.